About Me

I am a Malaysian who used to live in Abu Dhabi for 4 years and currently living in  Qatar which is in the Middle East (desert). Yes, it’s a whole different world out here.

Anyway, a bit about me; I hold a law degree from UWE,Bristol,UK and used to be attached to a law firm back in Malaysia for 3 years handling litigation matters. Since 2011, I started writing and was the sub-editor for WAVES Lifestyle magazine (Malaysian based) and as of August 2012, I hold the position of an editor for the magazine as well as for the second publication “The Iskandarian”, which is a community newspaper under Iskandar Malaysia. Prior to that I was a committee member of PERWAKILAN in Abu Dhabi an acronym  for Persatuan Wanita Kementerian Luar Negeri! I had the opportunity of solely creating a Newsletter for the Malaysian ladies. I then stretched it to writing to a magazine in Abu Dhabi (unofficially i mean) whereby my article got published on 4th Nov 2010 and all this writing landed me an important role with WAVES lifestyle magazine and “The Iskandarian” newspaper.

I found another passion too…. FOOD! Yup, the cutting/chopping/baking/cooking, all the works.. I will be blogging a lot about my culinary skills 🙂 and hopefully with pictures to tantalize your taste buds! Besides that, I love to travel with my hubby Mithil.. We have visited many continents but it is not enough and when time permits we would and you can read all about it!


16 Responses to About Me

  1. manishad says:

    Welcome to the blogging world!! 🙂

  2. Gaya says:

    wow cool.. happy blogging

  3. Thoughts says:

    somehow your english was much better last time. lol. oh well, perhaps blogging might help you out.anyways happy blogging n post loads of pic so we can see abu dhabi without the tickets

  4. ratna says:

    hi priya….welcome to d blogging world.i abused myblog since 2008…never bothered to continue after reachin UAE…hehehe…wish u gud luck dear…keep blogging…..stay connected.

  5. Pushpa says:

    congrats and happy blogging!!

  6. Hey Priya!! go go go!!!! @#(*$@$*(@

  7. priya says:

    Hi priya , read ur blog articles ..Really interesting ..Keep it up, post more pictures …Tc

  8. Ratna says:

    hey pri….

    my blog still der la..dis is d add http://ratnagal.blogspot.com…….
    past 2 years redy la….wht a shame…..thinking of continuing it but…i duno if tym will permit or not….u doin a gud job….ive been following u up for sum tym now…..keep writing …tc …

  9. radhiks says:

    Hey akka, just notice this part… Blogging seems interesting huh-i wish i could make time to have one too… 🙂

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