Friendship or not…

I don’t know if you have experienced having friends who say anything they like but definitely do not mean it. Lately I noticed people or rather “friends” tend to use words like I love you, you mean a lot to me, you are such a great person, miss you etc.. etc.. very loosely especially to the “world-at-large” via where I think you know. Why they do that I have no idea and there seem to be no stopping to that unfortunatley.

I suppose long gone the days where there were true friendships, where friends were there for each other and not by mere words. Nowadays, it has become a trend to over-use endearments and it amazes me how one can fall for that! Just be yourself and don’t just express it by words that you don’t mean.

Being away from home for most parts of my life has taught me that there are very few friends whom you can rely on. Unfortunately, only a mere 10% or less are the ones you can count on and the rest seems to thread on a superficial friendship – just for time pass! I have come across the latter way too many times and it is just sad. I recently echoed to a friend that it is better to have one good friend whom you can rely on than many who are useless!

Alas that is the harsh truth of life and you got to move on. Only you will know who is that one true friend/friends whom you can count on and be happy knowing that fact as life is short.


About Priya Manikam

Im just a simple person who suddenly feels like blogging! Im currently living a million miles away from home and is very passionate about writing, travelling and food/cooking all the works...
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