WAVES Magazine Launch Party…

Hey readers, hope everyone had a great weekend! The WAVES magazine was finally launched on the 17th July 2011 at KSL Mall with lots of excitement in the air! Lots of goodies + magazine was distributed to a large crowd and the much awaited Flash mob was performed! The unsuspecting crowd was apparently shocked to see people break out into dance moves :)! All in the good will of promoting the magazine.

The magazine was also well promoted by a local JB site called JB Cool: http://jbcool.com/2011/07/waves-your-lifestyle-consultant-magazine-launched-in-ksl-city/

For those running a business and want to generate more revenue, do not hesitate and contact WAVES Magazine TODAY! Advertise with WAVES magazine for great deals on CLASSIFIEDS! Rates start as low as RM80 — great for promoting your businesses! Contact waves.lifestyle@gmail.com for more details. DON’T BE LEFT OUT & LET YOUR BUSINESS SUFFER. CONTACT WAVES TODAY FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE DEALS!

For those wanting to read the magazine, here is the venue listing link: https://www.facebook.com/messages/528949622#!/notes/waves/waves-venue-list/178997045498175

You can follow WAVES Magazine’s updates at:




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