Random Act of Kindness

When we were young in school we had to take Moral studies as a compulsory subject and we had to know the definition of all the moral values in the hope we would grow up practising it life. One of which is kindness;

kindness [ˈkaɪndnɪs]
n 1. the practice or quality of being kind
2. a kind, considerate, or helpful act

In this fast life most people seem to think only of themselves and often ignore to do little humane acts that surrounds us. So when a friend called me to help her with a fundraising event aiming to aid children around the world, I immediately said yes. My friend was chosen to represent our country that would be one of the lucky beneficiary. I only got to meet the face behind this charity event yesterday and was amazed to see someone young with full of ideas and positive energy oozing out. The charitable organization is called Small World (www.smallworlduae.com). I was glad that I did the right thing from the beginning as you rarely get an opportunity to do something for the society on a large-scale and in this case, it is going to benefit children around the world and within the region.

This past few weeks, I have been busy helping my friend with the paperwork, getting the caterers, souveniers and sorting out cultural performance. Although I have done many events before but in this case, everything  needs to be perfect  as  the organizers are inaugurating this event for the first time in the U.A.E. 

I am really glad to have other friends here who are kind enough to allocate their time to help me choreograph and practice a dance, agreeing to professionally cater finger-food and giving me the contacts for getting posters/souveniers and another for agreeing to help me out at the booth to welcome guests and dignitaries of all nationalities.

Despite certain ups and downs, we are enjoying preparing for this event all in the good name of humanity. We are glad to be given this opportunity to spread some kindness without expecting any fame or recognition and I am thankful for having some great friends whom I can count on.

Similarly the recent catastrophe happening in Japan has also shown how random people are helping those in need within their capacity. So, don’t ever stop being kind whenever you get a chance as  life is short and it is a blessing to be able to help others.


About Priya Manikam

Im just a simple person who suddenly feels like blogging! Im currently living a million miles away from home and is very passionate about writing, travelling and food/cooking all the works...
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