A ship that never sinks…

There are song lyrics quoting how friendship is a ship that never sinks but what happens if they sink?

How would you define your friendship with someone? Shoud friendship be defined as unconditional and does it come with any expectations? I feel that friendship should come without any expectations because when that friend cannot be there for you or help you in a way you want, you become dissapointed in them and start to re-think your friendship.

There are some who unconditionally help their friends in need, even how trivial it may seem. However, this person can become easily hurt when that same friend does not reciprocate. It is easier said that you do not expect anything out of your friendship but at times that expectation slowly shows its head. Sometimes, an appreciation is needed to be showed or mentioned as it goes a long way.

On the other hand, here are some who misuses friendship to take advantage of another. A friend should never take advantage of another’s niceness. A real friendship should be based on honesty and its all about give and take.  

If you always find yourself in a situation of giving then maybe it is time to take a back seat and evaluate if your “friend” deserves your friendship. So, it is in your hands if you want your friend-ship to sink or not.


About Priya Manikam

Im just a simple person who suddenly feels like blogging! Im currently living a million miles away from home and is very passionate about writing, travelling and food/cooking all the works...
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