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For the past few days I had this craving for an Indian delicacy called “Puran Poli” that I tried when I was in Mumbai! Its a yummy sweet-savoury (puran) stuffed bread (poli) kinda like chapati made from plain flour.

I tried looking for it here in Abu Dhabi but could not.. So, I did not have any choice but to create the dish myself! I thought it would be fairly easy, but boy I was wrong. I searched the net for the easiest recipe and modified it accordingly to call it my own 🙂 I went to the supermarket and purchased all the ingredients needed to make the Puran Poli. I put off making it for a few days due to pure laziness but when the Puran Polis’ started coming in my dreams I knew I had to get it done and so I did..

I soaked the 1 cup channa dal overnight. The next morning, I was so eager to start making the Puran Polis’ and began by boiling the channa dal mixed with 1/2 tsp turmeric powder. Whilst this was happening, I took 1 1/2 cup of plain flour mixed with some oil and water to make a soft dough. Tip: can add some milk to make the dough softer but not really necessary. This kneaded dough is to be covered in a wet cloth and set aside for 4 hours to make the poli/chapati.

Once the dal was very soft I had to drain the water & blend it into a powder… This is where the problem began.. It wouldn’t blend as no water was supposed to be added. Quick thinking: I took a sieve and ran the mushy dal through it.. It was kinda annoying doing this but alas job done.

Then I took a non-stick wok and put in the jaggery. I could only find the hard ones here so I put in about 2 pieces coupled with 1 cup of water to make a thick syrup. Then when the jaggery had dissolved, I added the channa mixture into it and kept stirring and stirring and stirring… I added about 1/2 tsp cardamon powder but I think its better to put about 4/5 pieces (crushed & powdered) to bring out more flavour.. One tip I learned is better put little sugar with the cardamon as it tastes & smells more heavenly! Second tip: 1 or 2 tablespoon of grated coconut can be added to this mixture for a variant in taste..

The stirring part took very long as the channa-syrup has to form into a thick lump to make as the filling. Once it has cooled down, I was able to make ten golf ball size and set it a side. After 4 hours, I divided the dough into ten portions and rolled each dough into a disc and placed the “golf ball” filling into it and covered it and rolled/pressed with my palm to form a mini chapati.

Finally, take a frying pan or tawa and add some oil or ghee (own preference) and put the above chapatis and fry both sides till it colours! Puran Poli is finally ready to be eaten..

Bon Apetit’ …

Mithil was so pleased eating them and it brought back all Mumbai memories back… We finally finished the puran poli last night…It was worth the effort!


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Im just a simple person who suddenly feels like blogging! Im currently living a million miles away from home and is very passionate about writing, travelling and food/cooking all the works...
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