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31st December 2013

Happy New Year’s Eve beautiful people! As usual, I acknowledge that it’s been awhile since I penned down in here. I have exhausted all my excuses ;)! Work is going fine, Jan 2014 issue has gone for print and I’m taking a small time-out. Just baked a dates-walnuts-choco bits cake for New Year 2014 and am definitely looking forward to taking a bite of that! I’m not making any resolutions but just hope that 2014 will be a good year and there is something in my heart – more like a yearning – so I hope it happens… time is just ticking away. Hoping for the best.

My 2013 travel calendar looked pretty good with a South Indian tour, Mumbai/Kohlapur visit, Thailand and Vietnam and the usual work trips to Malaysia. All amazing places and hope to visit more amazing countries in 2014 as well.

This year I’m not having a crazy New Year’s party but a quiet one with hubs who has his training going on and studying. Will probably cook Hainanese Chicken rice and dig into the cake :D! There is a plan of going out for dinner with friends this weekend at a restaurant I’ve been waiting to check out, so that’s about it.

That’s it for now. Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year 2014! Take care.

25th July 2013…1.18pm

Hello everybody! Realised that I neglected my blog for awhile. Yes, regarding WAVES Lifestyle future that I was supposed to update yall: We have merged into our second publication, ‘The Iskandarian” community newspaper since March! We have better readership and ads, so it’s all good :). So, workwise everything is fine.

What else? Had couple of trips since Feb, so that kept me a little busy. Living in Doha, well I’m lil bored here although I have my work (thank God for that) but I feel that something is missing/lacking (heaving a big sigh)! I don’t find genuine souls here, people are in their own world. Oh well, I guess you can’t have it all.


10th February 2013…11.06am

Gong xi fa cai readers, family & friends! Today the Chinese usher the Year of the Snake and may it be a good one for us all. Things have been going smoothly so far and we hope for the best. Publication works are going on fine and there may be some new changes that I’ll announce soon regarding WAVES Lifestyle’s future :).

Besides that, I have some travel plans to India (yes, again!) and it will be twice but something unavoidable I’m afraid, but I’m hoping that by the second half of the year, I’ll be actually going to a different continent to explore and not India again! Sigh…

As for my “cookeatshare” recipe posts, I’m back on board after not having any time to add new recipes for my followers. Been so busy but it’s not an excuse so I’m hoping that one day, I will be be able to complete my personal challenge of posting 100 recipes! I’m at 62 so another 38 more recipes to go! Aiks! Wish me luck.

That’s it for now folks.. Will be back soon.

22nd December 2012… 3.35pm

Howdy readers! How’s the holiday season treating you so far? Its been aeons since I popped my head in here and I blame it on Workload! Haha! It is not an excuse but anyway here I am popping my head back before we embrace 2013. Yes, the world did not crash as the Mayans predicted and I’m sure most of us are bored reading about it in all social sites. My updates: I have moved to another Middle East country, have slowly settled in, driving around trying to figure out places, made some reliable friends, continuing to be even more busy even from afar and blah blah blah..

2012 has been a good year so far. I have taken a lot more responsibilities (workwise), attended my SIL’s marriage that was a total cultural-mix (much to my delight :)), gained some proper recognition and respect after all these years (I’m not going to elaborate here), proud to have gotten WAVES Lifestyle into Johor Tourism Awards 2012 and one of our travel piece won the Best Article (Print) award. Met lots of interesting people and so on.  I foresee 2013 being another super busy year, the first half comprising of lots of travel (all for spiritual reason.. hmmm) and hopefully seeing a new place (fingers cross)! Another publication may be in the pipeline (more will be revealed in 2013 of course), so yeah, you get the point – SUPER BUSY! I pray hope that I will find a little time to myself just to do nothing in all the bussiness.

Okay I’m gona stop now and be back next year. So here is wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

24th August 2012…1.15pm

Greetings everybody! I have been up to a lot of things since my last post for yours truly is now an Editor for WAVES Lifestyle magazine and therefore, I have been busy working my ass off, okay maybe not so much! We are working on a revamped issue and it is shaping up nicely thanks to all of us and of course of designer who is doing a great job in making the magazine look awesome.

Part of being an editor are the media perks as I got to attend Nelly Furtado’s showcase in Singapore and also got to be part of LEGOLAND Malaysia’s media sneak peek of the rides! Despite sounding glamorous it was for work but who says you can’t have fun whilst working ;). Besides that our second publication; “The Iskandarian” will also be out soon! So lookout for it Johoreans & Singaporeans!

Until again… See you soon folks!

22nd July 2012…7.03pm

How’s it going readers? Been awhile since I penned down here… hehehehe.. Actually a lot of changes is taking place in my life right now and I have been so busy preparing for a new transition. Pieces of my life here in Abu Dhabi is being boxed away and I am looking forward to a new beginning. Will definitely update you with my new life as soon I move and get settled in.

Today is also my brother’s birthday and wishing you a very happy birthday bro! Hugs!

19th June 2012…9.30pm

All I can say is there is so much to do and there is little time. There are many things happening to me at the same time and I hope I can manage everything. I have a trip to make as well as my sister-in-law is getting engaged and I am really happy about this liaison! After that we are heading to a beach destination – GOA! I have never been there and although the monsoon is just starting, I was told the weather is pleasant enough for a visit.

Besides that, WAVES Lifestyle magazine has gone bi-monthly to support Go-Green and most of our issues are also available online – yes, we are being eco-friendly. On another note, the team has been awarded a newspaper publication work that is in the pipeline and is scheduled to be launched next month. So, yes there is more work.

The weather is not so good at the moment having risen to 49 degrees today! I have been ill so sitting inside with the air-cond is not helping either. Hubby just came back after “cleaning” the car that is filled with dust (can’t help it when you are in the desert and no shaded parking). Just popped in some flu tablets and will head to bed shortly.

Very soon I may have another piece of news for you guys.. So stay tuned! Bye bye world, I’m off to bed.

24th May 2012…2.35pm

Yes, I am truly aware that I have neglected my blog for more than a month since my last update! Been really busy and I have more updates for you guys regarding my “project”! Okay after my first attempt I had the second test three weeks later and lo and behold I passed! I had a nonchalant attitude and thought to myself this is it; its either I make it or don’t. So, I did it and was sooooo happy and went on to get my certificate and my training card and driver’s appointment for road test.

Feeling happy, hubby & I celebrated at Applebees plus the vegetarian fasting was officially over at that time and it was a double-celebration. I was given a road test date on the 14th of May and prior to that I have to engage a private instructor who can “yell” instructions at me to drive on the big road where all the “real” traffic is unlike the BS at the driving company (not school)! Got a Pathan guy to teach me at AED50 per hour in the mornings. He was an eager dude who always arrived before me and before time I must add and was happy to tell me to speed up on the road and to repeatedly change lanes, see the mirror and signal.. You get the drill. The test area is near an Industrial one and there are hundreds of roundabouts! My lesson at the roundabout was kinda scary as there aren’t many roundabouts back home and neither in the city area where I reside. All those trailers and lorries and fast vehicles were all looking busy and there was lil old me. Mr.Irfan yells (in a good way), just go and speed up – you CANNOT slowdown here or there will be an accident! I had 5 lessons with that guy before my test and felt truly confident on the road.

So anyway, finally 14th came and we ladies had to get into a minivan and follow the test car and drive off each time one lady parks at the side of the road. There were many Arab women compared to the Asians. One girl volunteered to reverse the car out from the driving company and off we went tail-gating her. When she finished she got back into the van but unfortunately she did not pass :(.

3 more ladies continued and I started to build up my confidence and thought, “I can do this”! So I happily became No.4 or 5 (I forgot) and said my good mornings to the policeman and policewoman who were my examiners. Yup, cops can be intimidating and I remembered my instructors words of “don’t bother about the police, you just concentrate on your driving”. I did all the formalities of adjusting the seats, mirrors and seat-belt and was cheeky enough to ask the policewoman at the back seat to wear the belt! So the policeman tells me “yalla go 60-80 kmph no problem” 🙂 I obliged as it was within the speed limit (they can test you if you are paying attention for speed limits too). I did two roundabouts of U-turn and straight and an emergency stop! The cop signs my paper circling the word PASS and says Mabrook in Arabic for congratulations! Yippee!!! I could not believe that I passed in the first attempt! It is not easy to pass in this country and I did it. Hubby was super excited that I did it. He was so proud of me. Me too 🙂

So the ones who passed, we were all so excited to get our driver’s licence that is valid for 10 years and can’t wait to drive. Anyway, last weekend I test drove a Hyundai Sonata 2.4, a Mitsubishi Lancer and a Sunny and I went for the Lancer as I felt comfortable driving it and its now my current baby.

In this country you got to follow procedures when you get a car. So off we went to the Traffic Dept. to get the vehicle inspected for any faults basically it has to be road worthy, once it passes, proceed to get the insurance (I had to pay more since Im a brand new licence holder in UAE!) and register the vehicle to my name. My proud moment of owning a car for the first time :). Been driving this past few days with hubby on board to get confidence to drive in the city and far. Just need more practice in parking especially 90 degrees as for some reason I feel I suck at it and can park better if someone navigates me. Well I was told not to worry bout it as driving gets better with practice. So all in all it was an expensive and time consuming process but when you look at the licence and your car you forget about all the initial headache.

15th April 2012…11.45am

I admit I have gone missing again at least in the blogging world. My apologies :). I did promise to update on my tiramisu attempt for Mithil’s birthday and it turned out good although I realised I could or rather I should have dusted more cocoa on the final top layer. Nevertheless, my first try was good and the birthday boy was thrilled, including his friends who tried it.

(Sorry, I’m trying to upload a picture but it is not working!)

As for my so-called test, well it did not go well and thank god I was not alone which is quite disturbing as though there is an agenda against women. Hmm… I will however, have my second attempt in another two weeks time. So that is a total of 6 weeks of time wastage and money. I am kinda not bothered at this juncture, but can only say that despite the amount and time lost, I have at least gained back my confidence. Anyway, life has to go on and I hope not to be stressed by little things.

28th March 2012…1.25pm

I am feeling hyper today for no apparent reason! I’m feeling little inspired to write some articles – co-ordinate, listening to some UK Bhangra, just had a simple meal of white rice with blanched pak choy and just gorged on a fine piece of jelebi (an Indian sweet made from sugar syrup). All this took place in this last one hour! Haha… I know some of you reading this might be thinking if I have gone nuts! Maybe its the food as I am feeling so bored of eating Indian vegetarian food for the last one month and I still got to continue till next month. They say “no pain – no gain”!

Mithil’s birthday is coming soon and I want to surprise him by making an eggless, non-alcoholic Tiramisu (salivating right now)! I went to check for the ingredients and the main item: Mascaporne is soooooooooo costly so it is going to be an expensive birthday treat! Well it’s okay since your birthday comes only once a year and my dear old hub has a sweet tooth for cakes so I hope it turns out well when I make it next week and will updateyall’later.

Speaking of next week and exactly a week from today is my test. I hope I make it in this first attempt! Too much pressure on me dude! I am so sick of the long wait and wished I never embarked on this project now! It’s a bit too late to back out so I am just wishing myself luck. Will be back soon..

4th March 2012…10.08am

I do realise I have not been blogging for awhile as I have been really busy on a personal project that is still ongoing. Hopefully everything goes well soon enough. It is indeed a long process and not forgetting financially draining. Its all about money here. If you want something done, you got to fork out or you can expect a delay. There is a system flaw but unfortunately, nothing can be done. Just enduring it..

The weather has become bad again. Sand storm (shamal) has kicked in again and not so good for my balcony as I had to sweep away all the sand and clean the place over and over!

13th February 2012…5.33pm

Yes, I am fully aware that tommorrow is Valentine’s Day and everywhere I go is about “Love is in the air” fever… I am not against it but just hate the over-the-top commercialism surrounding it. This year, Mithil & I made a pact that we are not going to exchange any V Day gifts or cards and beating the norm, we are going out for dinner tonight instead of tommorrow! Been waiting for this new Moroccan restaurant to open and the day has arrived and I can’t wait to tuck into some Tagine.

Been trying out some new recipes lately as I love to have new flavours in my cuisine. Will definately update my recipes soon at “CookEatShare”. So lookout for it and give it a try.

My weekend was really interesting with 3 functions. One was an engagement, and I must add that I am so glad that one still sticks to tradition when it comes to special occassions like this. The couple looked great, lovely atmosphere and of course fantastic Sri Lankan food. Then came the second function which was CNY party and not failing by Malaysian standards: plenty of delicious food to indulge complete with the tossing of Yee Sang. Just hope the Year of Dragon brings good tidings for us all. Finally was Mithil’s company party. I do appreciate that the co organised a family day (as the last one was in 1996 – lame – I know) but there were several things that was not right:

1) The venue was too big and people were all over the place and no interaction between each other!

2) The weather which was suppose to be cool was not so the sun blazing and outdoors was not a big hit!

3) Food not so great but I admit there were some delicious lamb chops/kebabs!

4) Too many tables but less people so again back to point one – no interaction and lots of unfriendly people around!

5) Rude children (esp Indians) who do not know how to reciprocate greetings!

Anyway, hopefully they pick a smaller venue in future if there is going to be a yearly encore and have lesser tables so that people are “forced” to sit with others and mingle/interact/get to know each other better! The only positive – glad that they actually bother to have an event at a posh location! So kudos for that..

7th February 2012…1.10pm

I never thought I still had it in me to study for days and pass exams that too a score of 43/45! Not bad indeed :).. I’m in all smiles but still got a long way to go before I get that plastic card that would enable me to go places on my own.

Today is Thaipusam, a South Indian festival.. It’s been four years since I was part of this huge celebration and I guess this is the sacrifice you make when you are living abroad. For the people back home, enjoy the urumi mellam guys and the beautiful kavadi. Vel Vel Muruga!

12th January 2012…10.45am

I really want to vent on a very disturbing news I came across yesterday. A teenager was murdered in Johor Bahru and it turns out to be someone I know’s schoolmate. What is disturbing is not the murder part, forgive me but the fact that the deceased’s friends posting R.I.P on her wall in fb! To the extend of saying they can’t come to the funeral! What the hell is this world becoming too? It is really appalling that people can stoop so low for publicity and where are the days where you go and personally give your condolences to the grieved family and sit quietly and pray for the person’s soul to rest in peace? Do these people think that the deceased is able to “check her fb updates” in heaven! It made me think how ridiculous people can become and it also gives you a preview that when you die one day, people are going to write on your fb wall post in the hope you can log in heaven! The murder part is indeed brutal and horrible but what is more disgusting is the people’s attitude.

1st January 2012…7.40pm

Keeping it short and simple; Happy New Year everybody! Will be back soon with more posts and pictures!

24th December 2011…2.00pm

It is Christmas eve and I have just returned from my big travel adventure! Wow, I don’t know where to start. Been truly busy ever since I got back to the desert shores as had to keep up with the magazine’s deadlines but its settled now. As I mentioned to you all last month, I did fulfil my interview bit + going to a tv shooting sets + the vineyards etc.. etc.. 😀 I also got myself sunburnt due to swimming and now my skin is suffering as its quite cold in the desert shores!

For my interview scoop, I will share Waves mag, oh we are now called Waves Lifestyle mag’s link once its published for January 2012 issue! Speaking of which, in just a week we are embracing a new year. I manage to fulfil most of my resolutions for this year so I think I’m satisfied but I think I do need to work harder and better next year. For the rest of you who celebrate Christmas, I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas.

7th November 2011…1.20pm

Another two days to go and I’m one years old here in blogging! I can’t believe that time has flown so quickly. Its been going great so far and I hope I can share more with my readers and hopefully they will like the journeys that I take.

Speaking of journey, I can’t seem to stop my head (brain) from thinking about my future travel plans. Its shaping quite nicely so far and all that is missing is ME embarking on that journey! I can’t wait for my trips and as usual you guys will hear all about it and to my wider readers; through WAVES mag! Planning to include a Bollywood veteran actress in my schedule of travel and BIG Fingers Cross: Film shooting location! I just got to know today that I would need to go to the location sets to interview her! Yipee! You cannot imagine how excited I am at this prospects. But for now its a big Sshhhh… Better not count my chicks before they are hatched! Also in my excitement is the prospects of going to a vineyard.  I did not go to one when I toured Australia as it was bloody costly mate! Since, I have never been to one as obviously there are not many vineyards out there in this world; I am truly looking forward in experiencing this and incorporating my “knowledge” to others ;). Okay, okay, sshhh.. I need to hold my horses tight! Zipping my mouth shut for now.

3rd November 2011…10.55am

It’s already November and another month to go where people start getting nervous and reflect on what they have or have not achieved the entire year, gearing for X-mas and then start planning (again) for new year and it resolutions! Phew! Sounds like a daunting task. Alas, life must go on whether or not you have managed to achieve anything and before you know it a whole new cycle begins. For now I’d say lets embrace Nov and there is nothing that you can’t still do. Okay I shall stop rambling now :).

Been carrying out my Dec issue task rather swiftly. I’m also planning on some travel itineraries and hope not to be disappointed especially to the second country. Its more of overcoming my fear of this two “particular people”. Hopefully I don’t get nagged to death, or cry or have a nervous breakdown. Some people are really lucky that these “two types of people” are no longer in their lives to dictate or ill-treat or kill slowly by words. GOD I hope you’re listening! Fingers cross it all goes well and my 5 days trip there would go in seconds. That’s it from me (for now).

25th October 2011…2.15pm

Just want to wish all my readers a Happy Deepavali! I have completed all my preparations. Goodies made, wall deco up, clothes bought, cleaning all done! Have a great festive season everyone!

17th October 2011…2.10pm

To think that I was a fervent follower of Masterchef Ausie and did not know that Season 2’s winner was a Malaysian and not a Japanese! Aiks.. Thanks to my friend for pointing it out. I guess for some reason Adam (the winner)’s hair was like a Samurai dude and the fact that he moved back from Japan to Ausie and cooks brilliant Japanese food confused me and I overlooked his roots. Anyway better knowing now than never. I wonder if he would oblige to give an interview for WAVES magazine. That would be really awesome for the fellow readers back home.

Speaking of magazine, I am glad I finally completed my article for the X-mas issue and am looking forward in proof reading for the next issue. Next week is Deepavali (festival of lights) and I have prepared a mini list for food shopping. Planning on baking a cake, make cornflakes cookies and an Indian delicacy called Nei Urendei (ghee balls) apart from cooking the customary biryani, mutton and chicken! So its going to be a busy week ahead.

Oh I need to share here that Mithil & I have started our exercise programme at home! Too many people I met recently kept asking or rather telling me that I have gained a little weight…Sigh… So coincidentally we went into Sun & Sands sports outlet with a friend and got a Body Twister and a pair of dumbells! Its been going great and we are looking forward in staying in shape.

4th October 2011…12.00pm

As the usual drill: Welcome October! I turned xx on 2nd Oct and was overwhelmed by the sweet Midnight birthday surprise by Mithil! Since I’m a vegetarian due to some festival, Mithil was lovely by surprising me with an Eggless Dutch Chocolate Truffle Cake! It was simply awesome and if that was not enough the icing of the “cake” was a box of my favourite chocolates Ferrero Rocher! Talk about chocolate indulgence… YUM!

25th September 2011…11.55am

Happy Sunday readers! What have you been up to lately? October WAVES edition is panning out well and should hit the Southern shores after a week.. Will update the link here when the time comes.

We Hindus have a lot of festivities to look forward too in the coming weeks. May God bless us all always and be there to guide. Mithil is doing fine now although the scar on his head would remain and he is still being very careful when he combs his hair. Poor guy! Besides that I have not been updating any recipes yet soon I hope. Looking forward to trying some Chinese dishes (dim sum and chicken rice)!!! Once my vegetarian season is over will try out my planned dishes and of course recipes would be shared.

Ok that’s it from me… Need to brainstorm a bit for an article which I have been putting off. To the rest of you, enjoy the rest of the day..

7th September 2011…1.30pm

Yes, I am bit delayed in welcoming September, but better late than never :). I just had my lunch and attempted to take pictures of my dish to share it at you-know-where; but guess what? I forgot to charge my batteries so the camera wouldn’t on! Sigh.. It’s still charging  and the pictures got to wait.

A lot has been going on lately, some mishaps I should say. My husband sustained a head injury whilst working on an aircraft! He had to get small stitches on his head and was on medical leave.. He is back to work today (bless him). Hope he gets well soon, though the scar would remain and I guess he has to be a lot more careful. Another mishap happened to me but I do not wish to talk about it..

Besides that, I am thrilled my friends have agreed to contribute articles under the Recipe and Technology pages for WAVES magazine! That is going on fine so far. So I guess that’s it from me for now. Once I get the link for the Sept issue, I will definitely share it here for my readers at large.

28th August 2011…10.05am

Hello everyone! Enjoying what Sunday has to offer? The Eid celebrations is also around the corner. Back in Malaysia, I can look forward in feasting at a family friend’s home; all the delicious kuih raya, ketupat, satay with the peanut sauce, ayam masak merah… Hmmm I can go on for a bit. The embassy will be having its open house but I’m not sure I am attending this year as One: It’s in the morning! Two: It’s really hot at that time! Three: I have other invites/plans.. So I think I’m going to stick to the latter.

What else has been going on? Well I seem to have a few new followers at my “cookeatshare” page. So that has given me a few smiles :). WAVES mag work is going on great though I must admit I am not doing much in the PSD world as I plan too.. Maybe I shall tackle it soon. Anyway, I got to get some things done. So adios everyone. Eid Mubarak/Selamat Hari Raya…

10th August 2011…6.25pm

Hello, hello! I know it has been a really long time since I came in here. Sorry readers. Was really busy with WAVES! Magazine world can be really time-consuming (in a good way) and it was exciting to multi-task and help do some marketing. Hopefully everything pans out well.

So far the 2nd issue is out and it has been well received. I find my brain continuously working (even during my sleep)! Besides that, there is nothing much going on except for the extreme summer heat we poor Abu Dhabians got to live with for while longer…

Okay that’s it from me for now. See you soon!

20th July 2011…2.35pm

Just finished updating my recipes on “cookeatshare” and I have finally conquered my target of crossing 50 recipes (gives a pat on my back)! I am feeling quite proud of myself and need to double that in given time with more interesting but edible cuisines :).

I also managed to write more health-related articles but feeling a little lazy to tackle on more work. The brain needs inspiration you know, so maybe I will think of something after a mini break. I guess that mini break is up now. So I got to go and get some work done. Will catch up soon.

18th July 2011…10.35am

Yes, it is needless to say that I am still in the desert land. Just had a brief online chat with my sister-in-law and I was updated about waves magazine launch. It turned out to be great with a big crowd as there was also a Taiwan superstar performing at the venue! The most exciting part was when the flash mob occurred! The crowd was shocked to see people suddenly breaking into dance moves! I wish I was there to see the look on everyone’s faces :). It is something new and different for Johor Bahru!

I hope through Waves magazine, more people will be educated and look forward to it and its happenings around the city. As for me heading back, lets say I shall keep it a surprise as too much planning did not work out the last time!

12th July 2011…4.50pm

At this point I am still stuck in Abu Dhabi. Have been trying really hard to get a seat to either KUL/SIN/BKK that can lead me home! I can’t believe that there are so many outbound passengers for those sectors. At the spur of the moment I decided that I should not miss the WAVES launch and now I am afraid of what is going to happen to my wish.. Too much excitement is in the air and I pray hope I will make it well ahead of time. Sigh… Nevertheless, I am going to be optimistic for tomorrow and hope all the Universal powers out there will open its eye and grant me the seats :).

Besides huddling back and forth to the airport, I pretty much have no mood for anything else. I have already completed my articles for the Aug edition so at least I have one less thing to worry about. On another note, there has been a buzz of this Google + and I am now part of its trial circle. Lets see how it goes and if it can really be the rival to Facebook! I am signing out for now and hope to update my travel whereabouts soon! Wish me luck people… Bye..

8th July 2011…6.45pm

Been truly busy and really looking forward to Waves magazine launch on the 17th July 2011. It will be the first ever english language lifestyle mag to hit the Southern stands of Malaysia! Besides that there will be a flash mob which is also a first of its kind! The support so far has been pretty good and in another weeks time its show time 🙂

Okay I shall be updating more on Waves as time goes.. Now I am off to have an early dinner of chicken curry!

30th June 2011…7.10pm

I can now say it is the middle of the year and there is so much more to acomplish before the year ends. But for now, let us enjoy the moment and take one day as it comes. I found myself to be terribly busy today although I did not have to cook (ate left overs) but there was bit of online work involved (yes, for Waves too) and I baked a chocolate cake that rather left my kitchen in a bit of a mess!

I am quite excited with Waves magazine launch but just wish I could get better response from some human beings in the ad sector! Sigh, people can be so…. The funny thing is the cheapest ad per issue is RM80/S$40 (terms & condition applies) and yet you find people giving excuses but you ask them to go on a shopping or movie spree the money is spent in a jiffy! I do hope that in given time the people’s mentality would change and may they start thinking more business-like..

Meanwhile I’d like to share a link for Waves launch sneak preview

23th June 2011…10.50am

Good Day readers! I can officially say that I have completed my Travel page on Istanbul! It is the answer to all the DIY (do-it-yourself) out there + the money you can save. I do hope my post on Istanbul would help other travellers out there who wish to go to Istanbul but wondering if they should book a tour or not. My advice is NO because in Istanbul, tour operators tend to over-charge and that too in Euros. Just a little bit of research or you can print my travel diary as to what to do in 5 days 4 nights and you are good to go :).

Now having my travel page out of the way. I can now focus back on WAVES which is coming really soon by the 2nd week of July in the Southern shores of the Peninsula. So, see you soon readers.

12th June 2011…9.20pm

Hello readers! Hope you all are doing great so far. I had an amazing holiday in Istanbul, Turkey! It was totally better than I expected and I can say that Turkey is truly a country where East meets West. It has so much history, natural beauty, fast metro and tram services, amazing islands, great food, friendly people, shoppers paradise and et cetera et cetera! I will be blogging about my trip really soon under my Travel page. So do keep a look out for that.

Now I am back in the desert and the heat is slowly killing me. Besides that, I have re-created some of my Turkish breakfast at home using the produces I bought from there. I also just made chicken & mushroom pie for dinner and that got finished real quick as well 🙂 Mithil is home and since it is the F1 season; the TV belongs to him for a couple of hours and I gotta miss an episode of Desperate Housewives! Sigh… No worries, I will catch the repeat tomorrow afternoon… hehehhehe..

As for Waves… aggressive marketing is being done and I really wish that people I know would at least have the decency to reply e-mails! Typical “A” mentality! Please grow up people. Besides that, all is well. Okay then, I will catch up really soon with my Travel page. Goodnight world!

30th May 2011…12.50pm

Getting hungry but it can wait for another five minutes or so! Weekend went fine. Did shopping, did some online marketing  for Waves and continued constructing some writing for a column! Feeling satisfied this morning, continued the marketing and now all I need to do is wait for some positive replies (fingers cross).

25th May 2011…9.40am

As promised, I finally completed my post about theme parks in my Travel page yesterday. It was mostly basic info but I am at least done and over with it! Been busy constructing my writing for the magazine that is to be launched soon. Speaking of which, I realised that many people are intellectually challenged! One can’t seem to understand simple instructions especially given out it simple language! People… Sigh…

As for my recipe site, well I have reached 43 and 7 more I will hit my personal target!

The weather is gradually changing for the worse and I don’t know how I am to survive the coming days, weeks & months..

The other day I saw a Caucasian lady wearing this really pretty 3/4 length Capri pants! I kept thinking about it and told Mithil I want one as well.. So that very night we went out shopping and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found the same thing! The size was right and so was the price. The next day, I was busy matching it with some blouses and I am quite pleased with the outcome. I have not worn it yet, just waiting for the right moment to look “cool” in it this summer!

19th May 2011…3.20pm

I find myself working round the clock online! The project I was on about will be launched by July and I am truly looking forward to my involvement in it. A new lifestyle magazine: Waves will hit the stands for free in JB and Singapore after July. Readers can look forward to knowing what to do around JB/Singapore just like how we Abu Dhabian folks have been enjoying magazines like Abu Dhabi Week & Tempo at no cost.

More about Waves will be revealed as time comes. Meanwhile, in order not to be left out, do click the following & hit like for more details:!/waveslifestyle

13th May 2011…1.30pm

Yep it is here again, the dreaded Friday the 13th! For some reason I should not fear it but be happy as I am featured in a magazine posing for some activities happening on 13th May. What have I been up to today? As promised, I uploaded two recipes for my faithful followers and finally completed my short visual post on food that was long pending. I also intend to cover on 3 theme parks that I have visited in Malaysia, Singapore & UAE. Will post it my travel page very, very soon (I promise). Until then, have a great weekend everyone.

10th May 2011…10.40am

After a long silence on my part, I am finally back to the desert shores. Back to my routine and my life shall continue with more posts. Home was great, indulged in lots of cuisine and it is showing as spare tyres on me! Was initially difficult to re-adjust to the time here but I am alright now. I am also very glad that the weather decided to show me some mercy before it gets worse, so thank you for that.

When I went back, I managed to improve my culinary skills thanks to my aunts and friends. So having that skill I will be able to pass it on to the rest of you who follow my recipes via “CookEatShare”. Whilst on my trip home, I was also involved in some discussions on how to share my articles and recipes so fingers cross, the project will be launched in the next coming months and you will hear all about it.

21st April 20111…9.15pm

Sorry readers, I have been very quiet lately. No April posts so far due to my “so-called” busy schedule in Malaysia. However, I do hope to get something posted soon before April is over, a topic close to home for my fellow readers.. So keep a lookout folks.

11th April 2011…4.40pm

The weather is looking a little cloudy but I don’t mind it as its been ages since I saw rain. Now that I am holidaying in Malaysia, I am experiencing rains in the evening especially these past few days. I can’t say that I am complaining. Besides enjoying the rain, I am slowly fulfilling my foodie plan. There is still more to come and I am looking forward to it although I do realise at the back of my head that I would need to exercise more once I am back in the land of the desert! Last night was my parents’ 35 years wedding anniversary and what better way to celebrate it than going out for a wonderful family dinner at Rawa Steamboat. The only setback is Mithil can’t be part of it… Don’t worry dear I am eating on your behalf and will try my best to buy back lots of goodies for you.

5th April 2011…7.10pm

Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Teow, Yong To Fu, Chicken Rice, Milo Ice! Now, now, I’m not running a restaurant or taking orders but planning to order all this and more as I’m heading home for a vacation :). My luggage is packed with my basic essentials as shared with you under my “Travel” page  and some Middle East goodies packed in my hand carry for the family.

I am truly looking forward to going home, lots of stories to share, spending time with family and friends and most importantly Food glorious Food! Malaysia is a melting-pot for various cuisine and I can’t wait to indulge in some. I plan to learn certain authentic Malaysian food that are not found here and will experiment and share the recipes later.

So see you guys soon but I promise to continue blogging from my other continent.

2nd April 2011…3.30pm

Finally I welcome myself back to my blog :). The Small World Charity Event on 31st March at the Emirates Palace was inaugurated in a glamorous and fantastic way. Although there were some hiccups along the way, I am glad that everything went fine. A big kudos to the organisers who made this happen for many children around the world. 50% of the proceeds would aid the earthquake-tsunami victims of Japan.

31st saw me running about getting ready for our Malaysian booth and thank goodness there were volunteers on site that came as a big help. However, as usual there was not much time and my plan to style my hair at the saloon never happened! Timing was completely off on that day so I had less than an hour to have my lunch and change and rush back to the venue. Phew!

The Malaysian booth was well received by numerous guests from all over the world. In fact we were the only ones who had souveniers leaving guests with big smiles. The kuih-muih which we served were also well appreciated by the crowd that also consisted of VIPs, Royalty, dignitaries, chefs and celebrities. My dear friend Madeline & I made such a great team that we used a catch phrase of “Welcome to Malaysia … Selamat Datang”.

My dance group which originally had 5 was cut to 3 due to unforseen circumstances. Nevertheless the remaining 3 made it happen for Malaysia on stage and I am sincerely grateful to them despite the shortcomings that they had to face. Well done my ladies.

Many guests and press were excited and took so many pictures with me and my friends due to the fact that we were always smiling, in colourful costumes, beautiful 😉 and friendly. At one point I was interviewed by a lady asking what message I wanted to give to the children around the world on behalf of my country. My friend Maddy and I were taken by surprise so I answered in a very short & sweet manner that: “We hope that all the children’s wishes would come true”. The beneficiary for Malaysia is “Make A Wish Foundation”.

Despite the hard work, it was truly fun to get to know so many people from so many countries. We had a great time sampling each other’s delicacies and appreciating other’s culture. As I was randomly walking around to see other country’s booths, I was selected to pose for a local magazine called Tempo! I would be featured in their People’s Calendar and due to my spontaneous participation, I got a Tempo t-shirt as a souvenier!

In a nutshell, I can say Small World also made my dream come true in many ways and I am so glad that I was a part of it. Well done to everyone who were involved.

28th March 2011…2.25pm

My weekend came and went with lots of emotional and stressful outbursts but with some goodness. I am grateful for the lovely souvenirs and brochures put together by Sabrina of the Malaysian Tourism Board. Wednesday would be the rehearsal for the Small World people. I can imagine my team being nervous but eager to perform. On the actual day it is going to be a very early start for me as I got to help set up the booth then rush to the saloon then to dress up then off to the venue and wait for the guests to arrive! In my heart I can’t wait for the event to happen as I look forward in welcoming all and especially to see the performances.. I will be glad when it is all over and done with and I can go off for my vacation 🙂

22nd March 2011…4.05pm

What a wonderful day I had with my Malaysian dance group! Unofficially I would like to call  them “Warisan Budaya” representing the Small World Charity.. They had a full dress rehearsal for me and it was good. Much better than the first rehearsal and with the costume and positive vibes oozing from everyone, it was simply great! We had lots of fun and most importantly the rehearsal was up to my liking. I pray hope there would be no issues by 31st and our team would put up a fantastic show. Will be meeting up the rest who is helping at the booth this weekend. Looking forward to that too. Still on the to-do-list is the collection of brochures and souvenirs from the Tourism Malaysian board who would be graciously bringing it from Dubai. I would say that an event like this is never a solo operation but always a team effort and it always pays to be nice to people as they are there for you especially in need!! Hope that particular someone realises that… On another note, I received delicious kheer and biryani and clothes gifts from someone I consider brother (Razi bhai) all the way from Pakistan! It was a really sweet gesture by him & his wife.. God bless them..

Meanwhile, here is Warisan Budaya for you:

19th March 2011…1.15pm

Hello, hello, hello! Been busy this week doing this and that which also involved some experimental cooking. Another 12 days more for Small World Charity event. I am confident things will go fine and it would be a great event. I finally finished reading my “half” book so left another five to start. I got to add 3 more recipes at cookeatshare later. So adios everybody.

12th March 2011…9.35am

Just to update everyone… I did go back to the mall in the night for the book swap 🙂 I am glad I did that and I applaud ADACH for organising it. I exchanged two of my books for two others that seems interesting. So now I have 5 and half books to complete.

Oh my lamb chops were good by the way! Will post recipe later. Have a great weekend everyone.

11th March 2011…12.45pm

I came back from the Mall feeling so disappointed! I saw an article that there is a book swap going on but the time was not mentioned and neither was anyone picking up the phone at the mall. So I decided to make a trip there to check it out. After waiting for such a long time for the bus, I finally reached the mall and I was expecting to see a big rush but there was none and there was no one at the customer service desk too. I asked someone and she had no idea so I decided to look around and I saw a small booth with the words “Book Exchange”! I was little excited but as I neared it, it states 4pm – 10pm!!! I slow-talked the girl behind the counter if she could let me exchange my two books. She gave me a smile and said sorry no 😦 She did feel bad that no one answered the phone in the mall although it has nothing to do with them. She was also surprised that this book swap was actually advertised but felt bad that no time mentioned in it! Sigh.. I am such an avid reader and since I have finished reading one book that I bought from Logos Hope (remember them?) and another from the Thrift Book store (who has decided to stay closed at the moment) I thought this is a good opportunity for me to gain by swapping for different books! So what am I going to do? I plan to make lamb chops tonight so I really don’t know how I am going to juggle my time and slot in a trip to the mall again for the book swap! Double sigh!!

6th March 2011…11.08am

This morning, I received a long-awaited message from someone special. It made me sad and happy all the same but it is a step and I hope it would be smooth sailing from here on. On another note, I finally mastered the best way to roast my chicken! It’s so funny as I have roasted chicken for years but thanks to “cookeatshare” I learned that you need to set the temp really high to get the beautiful brown skin & crispness if desired! It is not that my earlier roast chickens were not good but the one I made last night was beautiful to look at and of course absolutely delicious! Will be sharing the recipe in a bit at you know where ;)!

5th March 2011…2.00pm

Just came back from the Asian Food Fair that was held at the Indonesian Embassy. As the time went by, it got noisier and was bustling with eager patrons wanting to buy the various delicacies being sold there. In particular I would like to mention the mixed food sold at the Brunei stall. A plate of jasmine rice, sweet & sour fish, chicken rendang, beef (for those who eat), egg, cucumber & peanuts was only AED10.oo! Very reasonable and tasty. I am glad the money was well-spent unlike at some stalls selling in small quantities and very tiny that you could buy it at 1/3 the money back home! What a rip-off! Anyway, I went there in good spirits and enjoyed watching some children perform.

The work for the fundraising event is going good so far. I managed to figure out how to convert files to audio thanks to my brother! The dancers seem ready after practising several times. The rehearsal is coming soon and I hope it is up to the organizers’ liking.

Today is also my mummy’s birthday. Happy Birthday mummy. See you soon..

26th February 2011…12.30pm

I am feeling all physced today (i realise this word do not exist in my Oxford but is found in urban dictionary). Been exercising & dancing and feel like doing more! I am happy there are some good progress with the fundraising event. Hope it stays that way without any glitches (touch wood). Just updated another recipe in my “cookeatshare” page. I have reached 33 recipes so far but need to make it to 50 by year-end. More to come folks, so keep a lookout there.

I am also glad to be involved in an online survey biz started by Meca Valley by the people I know ( Many have concerns whether it is a scam/spam well it is only natural as such things are happening but MV has assured it is neither. Life is always a gamble and when you have nothing to lose why not take that little extra step to better your lives! Well I am glad I took that extra mile without any high expectations. Just go with the flow baby, go with the flow 😉 Ok I hope the rest of y’all are having a good weekend. I intend to continue my good spirits in checking out a newly opened Souq Central Market.. No, no I am not going to shop. I promised Mithil I won’t as I am saving for something nice to buy for the fundraising event :D. So until then I am going to hold my horses (fingers crossed)! tomorrow is my father’s birthday, so Happy Birthday appa! Love you..

22nd February 2011…8.55pm

Just finished my dinner. Had an eventful day from doing lots of paperwork to meeting a prominent chef and finally having English tea, cake, dates, baklava and the most yummiest strawberry macaroon at Emirates Palace Hotel! I am also really delighted to be involved in an interesting fundraising event that would be taking place next month. Lots of planning involved, opportunity to meet the who’s who and most importantly it is all for a good cause. All shall be revealed in due course.

17th February 2011…4.30pm

I have raved about a “floating library” called Logos Hope (ship) in my fb page today. I had such an amazing experience last night and did not expect to buy so many books on board. It was really wonderful to go up this magnificent ship, not for a cruise but to buy books! Yes, you heard right. There are at least 50 nationalities volunteer crew and staff on board and it is admirable that they dedicate 2 years of their life doing a service and bringing hope and education around the world. I just googled them and am excited that they would be visiting Malaysia and Singapore at a later part of the year and hope that my friends and family would go and experience the same. My love for books started at a very young age, thanks to my mother. So thank you mum!

12th February 2011…10.25am

Every place I go has a “love is in the air” mood.. Yep, two more days to go and the very commercialised business of love, i.e Valentine’s Day would be here. Couples whispering sweet nothings, going to eat at a fancy joint, competition of who gets a bigger bouquet of roses etc.. etc..  I have decided not to be bogged down by this public display of affection. I read an interesting article today “10 ways to boost your relationship”. I  think if you can do that you have a perfect Valentines’s Day for the most part of the year! Click on this link to read on:

Besides that, my last two days has been good. My old friend visited me and we had the best of time. She is leaving today so it is back to routine for me. Enjoy the read above and see you soon.

7th February 2011…10.50am

Hello February, and I am one week late in here :). I am feeling quite optimistic today and I hope it would last the day. My stomach is rumbling but I had my breakfast about 2 hours ago and I am already thinking of making a yummy pasta salad! Control Priya, control yourself! I must confess that I have not been exercising as much as I should be, so I hope I would do it today?! Haha, let me continue being optimistic and I shall add exercise in my to-do list today. Now off to making that pasta which is engulfing my thoughts and I promise to exercise later.

31st January 2011…6.45pm

I am feeling better and back to my blogging. The weather has been pretty unpredictable in the UAE with extreme sand storms and cloudiness. Apart from that things are back on track. I do need to crack my head for some new posts though there is a topic in my mind which I wish to approach but hopefully find the correct words to help me through it. So the month will be over in a couple of hours and I look forward in welcoming February.  

24th January 2011…8.20pm

Hello world! I have been quiet over here for a few days. Have been little under the weather lately and hope to get better soon. Just had my soupy dinner and all I can think now is to Zz… On a positive note, my recipes at “cookeatshare” has crossed 439 views! I am truly pleased and thank those who has viewed it and tried some of my recipes. I promise to be back soon once I am better. Goodnight world.

18th January 2011…2.15pm

Mishaps! Mishaps! What a way to start the new year. A couple of incidents have happened to me in this last week. The fan in my room died, the door’s handle got stuck and resulted us in a “house-arrest” situation. I was walking around the mall and my left-foot sandal broke, I had an “incident” with my jeans resulting it in getting repaired. This morning my blender would not start and I had to calm down and then it started (thank god for that)! My cable tv is not working for the last three days despite being renewed. There might be an issue with the tenancy which I pray it would not become an issue, I was upset with a friend, so what else is in store for me?!

15th January 2011…1.05pm

Today is Ponggal and also Makar Sankranti for Hindus. It is called the harvest festival/new year/thanksgiving. In Malaysia we celebrate this for 3 days but in India, the South Indians celebrate it for 4 days where the eve is strictly for spring cleaning and getting rid of old and unwanted items. In Mumbai (Bombay) Ponggal is known as Makar Sankranti but the purpose is the same. For auspiciousness, the house is decked with sugar cane and a sweet rice called ponggal is made to usher happiness, good health and wealth and a time to thank nature for giving so much to mankind. Although I could not deck the house with sugarcane, I still made the sweet rice as taught by my mother and since Mithil is from Mumbai, I decided to cook a North Indian lunch of jeera rice, panner matar, aloo and raita! This is the fun of a mixed marriage where we can enjoy the best of both worlds. So, wish you all a Happy Makar Sankranti & Ponggal Nalvaltukal!

11th January 2011…10.55am

It is a wet morning today in Abu Dhabi. The weather has taken a toll from a very foggy & chilly Sunday to a rainy Tuesday.. On Sunday, at 9.00 am I was excited to see thick fog and experience its wintry chills. I felt like I was transported to UK where I had dreaded such wintry conditions. However, this morning I wondered why I can’t open my eyes as the room was so dark and I thought it is another foggy day but instead I was greeted by rain. So today I felt like I was transported to Malaysia. Alas it is neither UK nor Malaysia but still very much Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy this unpredictable weather and put off my shopping trip till later. Have a good day everyone.

7th January 2011…12.15pm

What an emotional night I had. I did not expect my post below on father and daughter’s bond would stir so much emotions in my close friends and my life. I think it is just not restricted to a parent and child’s relationship but also looks at all relationships that we have in life. Sometimes people do not realise one’s worth until it is no longer there and before you know it, it is too late to salvage.

Well I promised myself to have an emotional-free day today so I am not going to get into it again. My day has started fine so far and I just ate a simple nasi goreng and yogurt. I am trying to keep the calories down! haha… hopefully I can see a trimmer me soon! Have a good weekend everyone.

6th January 2011…10.20am

I realise that not many people are aware of a father’s love. Lately I got to know a friend quite well and I can’t help but admire the good qualities he has in him. He works very hard and when he gets home he sacrifices the any little time he gets with his beloved daughter. It is indeed wonderful to see the way a father-daughter bonds and how this little girl calls him daddy with love and gets all the attention and fuss from her father as he is there to read her animated books, there to play ball, there to buy her pretty things, there to give her food, to erase all her fears and most importantly he is there to give her that big hug as she lays to sleep beside him. It is that warm hands that gives that little child comfort and protection. This friend reminds me of my father and I can safely say that when this little girl grows, she would never forget her father’s love and affection and will always appreciate him as this is a unique power of love shared only by a father & daughter.

1st January 2011..12.30pm

So it is no more 2010 but 2011.. How did the day go so far? Great I must say… Had an awesome time during the BBQ despite the cold weather and got up all holy this morning with my prayers & sweet offerings 🙂 So I hope it is a good start to many new beginnings.. Having said that, Happy New Year 2011 everyone!

31st December 2010…10.45am

This is it! The last day of the year 2010.. For some funny reason, I had an emotional time watching the season finale of Masterchef Australia last night. So much has happened this year and time to look forward to another year tomorrow.

I am looking forward to starting a new tomorrow but today is still there and I am at the moment looking forward to a nice BBQ with some good friends tonight. Wintry weather has officially settled in the UAE and having some good food and drinks with the right company just adds “icing” to the top! I even baked a yummy almond butter cake for the occasion and I will share the recipe later at the ever-faithful “cookeatshare” website. Just for kicks I did a mental count this morning and looks like I have baked so many cakes this whole year. From chocolate cake with ganache, chocohotpot, cupcakes, butter cakes, cheesecake you name it! I wish to improve more and lets save that for 2011.. So have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and I will see y’all tomorrow 🙂

28th December 2010…10.50am

Christmas is over and so is Boxing Day and only 3 more days to go and we’re done with 2010! Its time to reflect people, if you have not done so. As for new year resolutions, well I don’t know. I do not wish to keep any resolutions but hope to have a better year ahead. I do intend to write more and keep a strict schedule (oops does that sound like a resolution?) and become a mini Masterchef with Mithil as my guinea pig yet again! Will be back soon and yes I am yet to update on my Oman stories.. I promise to get it done by today (fingers cross). See you soon.

16th December 2010…10.35pm

Who said that all the countries in the Middle East are the same? I had recently been to Oman which is a neighbouring country to the UAE and it is a feast to the eyes :). Small cities nestled among mountains! It was totally a pretty sight and so much greenery, beaches, beautiful flowers, hills/mountains; a nature’s paradise indeed.

I wish I had more time to explore the many pretty sights Oman had to offer. I will be giving full details about where to stay, where to eat, what to see and do in my travel page.. So keep a lookout and by the way, the Middle East is not all about vast deserts and camels 😉

6th December 2010…11.15am

I woke up this morning staring at the calendar and was wondering where the year went. 3 more weeks to go and it’s that time of the year where everybody is busy planning and ushering the new year, making resolutions that they probably can’t keep! I started reflecting where my year went and I dissect it into the first and second halves of the year. My first half was really joyous as I discovered that I was pregnant with my first-born and it was all about planning for the lil’ one. I was happy feeling my lil’one growing in me and I loved the way the radiant glow made me look.. I did not go through severe morning sickness like some and was enjoying every moment of it.

2nd half was where the trouble started. Things were not looking too bright and by 26 weeks and 4 days I gave birth to my lovely son Vedanth. He was pre-mature but a fair and beautiful baby. Alas after three days the Supreme one decided that he was too precious for this earth and my Vedanth spread his wings early. It was and still is the most devastating part of my life that I can never erase. I have learnt how to accept that my son is in safe hands and will always be my guardian angel. Each night I look at a bright star and synonymously think its him looking at me and I blow him a good night kiss. It is a peaceful feeling and I never want it to go away.

My tragic incident has made me a much stronger person and I have taken to writing plus the birth of this blog. I am in the midst of writing a memoir in his honour and I hope I find the strength to complete my task.

2nd December 2010…1.40pm

Yes it is snowing in my blog 🙂 and you are not imagining things! It is a feature added by WordPress for the spirit of X-mas & New Year.. I always love it during Christmas tho I do not celebrate it in the literal sense but I just like the idea of seeing X-mas trees everywhere, the mistletoes, presents, lights etc.. etc.. Although UAE is an Islamic country, it is interesting to note that others’ are allowed to celebrate their individual festivals as long as you do not preach the religion to the locals! Having said that, it is nice to see the spirit of X-mas everywhere I go.

Today also marks the 39th birthday of UAE and it is colourful everywhere (i meant to take pictures but smart ol’ me forgotten the camera). There is gonna be lots of honking, the vuvuzelas noise made so popular during the World Cup fever, decked up cars with intention of winning cash prizes :D, flags, lights, fireworks and of course the traffic! Happy National Day UAE…

29th November 2010…10.45am

Howdy folks! I’ve been really quiet in this page for almost a week.. Wrote another article and hope it would be published. My dishtv is finally fixed. YAY for that! Turns out that a stupid rat bit the cable wire and I had to get it re-wired – BOO! I recently posted a topic on Forbidden Beef and it has attracted a lot of attention (in a good way) and I hope it would help be a guideline for those who need it.

Yesterday I went to get some grocery shopping done with Mithil and I was truly shocked with the escalated prices of all essentials but what is more disappointing is the quality. When you are charged more, you expect better quality but this is not the case here in Abu Dhabi. For these past few years here, I think the quality of things back home is way better not to mention the price. The same thing would cost you 3x more in U.A.E. Sigh..

Customer service also sucks here. I’m gonna save that topic for later. Today I plan to make a Mumbai speciality called Pav (bun) Bhaji (mixed vege) and would hopefully post the recipe at See you soon…

21st November 2010…2.00pm

What a marathon day I had! I had to quickly prepare my honey chicken sambal and tomato rice for Mithil to eat before he had to go for his noon shift. Whenever he has to work in the afternoon, I gotta speed up my cooking especially when I want to make something nice like that and need the time to do it properly as I wanted to include it in my  “cookeatshare” page! Phew! Mission just accomplished and I am quite pleased with myself 🙂 On another note, I do not understand why my cable tv is still not working! Its been 24 hours and I’m not liking this 😦 sulk, sulk, sulk! I hope everything would be resolved by 2moro.. I’m also looking forward to 2moro as Mithil & I are on a top-secret plan! I’m not gonna reveal anything (yet) and I do hope everything goes well. Chiao folks! Gonna enjoy my meal…

19th November 2010…12.15pm

Last night Mithil brought back lots of goodies (almost 2kg) that his family sent through a friend from Mumbai.. It was really delectable to look at not to mention a feast to the palate! We greedily ate the dry fruit-nut barfi that is packed with pistachios & almonds and lots of other things that I can’t name and the other set has all sorts of farsans (savouries) like Kachoris/Bakarwadi/Karanji/(of course Mithil told me these words), my favourite Puran Poli (much fairer looking than mine tho) and a big box of assorted nuts. Are we going to share this with anyone? No way! Although it is only the two of us here but I think we shall savour this, bit by bit 🙂 I have shared the photos here so you can just drool by looking at it! I know; pure evilness :p When you live million miles away from home like me, you really look forward to goodies that your family sends you. This time I did not ask for any of my favourite goodies from Malaysia but this will do for now.

Tonight, I plan to experiment making “Aloo prata” (potato stuffed Indian flat bread). If it turns out fine, you will find me featuring it, if not… go figure!

18th November 2010…1.00pm

Hello I’m back 😀 been making lots of goodies to eat yesterday. I was trying so long to update it in my Recipe page but fail! fail! fail! 😦 I was really frustrated as something went wrong and I thought for a moment the rest of my recipes went missing!! Aiks, that would be a nightmare. I find it so much easier to upload my recipes via where I am a member (Padma Priya Manikam).. So i think I need to re-direct my readers to check out my recipes with pictures at that website! Meanwhile, I’m going to have my lunch now and hopefully try to figure out my recipe page!

15th November 2010…6.09pm

It is already so dark outside at this hour and the F1 season has finally ended. Life is almost back to normal for the Abu Dhabi folks and starting from today, there is a week-long break as the Muslims celebrate Eid Al Adha so it is pretty quiet outside. I am sharing some pictures that I took from my balcony showing how densely populated this residential area can be. You can see villas nestled among the highrise and some low-rise towers, mosques, shops, schools, restaurants and the common sight of seeing cars parked in the middle of the road and at any nook and corner they can get on. This ever-growing parking woes is a major problem all over Abu Dhabi.! So feast your eyes…

13th November 2010…3.30pm

I’m back after having a late & tiring night from the Kanye West concert.. It was a mess getting to that place with Mithil and two other girlfriends. Many concert-goers were practically lost as there were no proper sign boards and directions leading to the Concert Arena which was actually at Gate 25 near the Yas Marina Circuit! We ended up at the Ferrari World first (got a sneak preview at least on how it looks) then we had to walk out and hopped into a shuttle bus that would only drop everyone at Gate 14, so it was a long walk for many of us..

When we got there, it was sooooooooooo crowded with thousand of fans.. We managed to squeeze our way through to the front a bit. But it was getting too claustrophobic and we needed a drink which was at another corner.. There was another mini Q just for the drinks and I was surprised to find lots of booze being sold (being an Islamic country). Kanye West hasn’t appeared by then so we moved to the back and it then started by 9.15pm (concert was supposed to start at 8.00pm). He did an opening with Rihanna’s song “Run this town” (minus Rihanna & Jay-Z of course)… For me Gold Digger song was the best and it got the crowd wild.. At one point, Kanye says to the crowd “Abu Dhabi, make some mother fucking noise”! Wow, it got the crowd even wilder…

The sets were alright but somehow it lacked the oomph factor that Sean Paul’s concert had. As a rapper, West did his job but it would have been better if coupled with some hot back up dancers. I also expected to see some DJ spinning thereafter but there were none 😦 The concert also ended really fast by 10.30pm… Sigh… Going home was another nightmare as no cars/taxis allowed and we can only hop on those silly shuttle bus that took ages to come and not to mention the long Q! Finally by 1ish am we dropped the two girls and we headed home.. By 2.30am…. Zzzzzzzzzz….. Overall it was a fun, busy & entertaining weekend and I had a great time.

12th November 2010…4.50pm

Woke up late this morning as we got back late from the “electrifying” performance by Sean Paul. It was totally awesome to dance to his reggae beats, sexy tunes. His two sexy & raunchy dancers are also worth mentioning here to turn the “heat” up in Abu Dhabi.. LOL! I’m going to start getting ready for the K.West concert tonight. Gotta be there early as there would be a Q/security etc… It’s going to be a fun-filled night. Bye for now..

11th November 2010…5.00pm

I am feeling really excited today as earlier on i tweeted at AbuDhabiWeek’s page on “the last chance to win a pair of tickets to see Kanye West concert on 12/11″ and guess what??! Yours truly won a pair! I’m still in excitement and can’t wait to check it out 2moro night with Mithil. I wonder what to wear to my first rap/hip-hop concert! But before that I’m going to watch Sean Paul’s concert LIVE (Beats on the Beach).. Really looking forward to that too… So, adios for now..

10th November 2010…. 2.10pm

It actually rained last night! Yay, it made a lot of difference, but sadly the rains brought in some sand due to the wind 😦 I was busy cleaning the balcony this morning but overall I’m happy as it’s a lot cooler now..

Made chicken curry and mixed vegetables today which you can view under my recipe page complete with pictures! Going to have my lunch now.. See you soon again.

 9th November 2010… 07.30pm

The weather in the Middle East is generally HOT!!! But from Oct – March it changes and we do get winter :)! Yes, it can actually get colder here and in some instance when we are lucky, rains occur or even snow in certain parts of the U.A.E…

It’s already the second week of Nov and winter is slow in showing its head…. Last night it became really foggy around 7.30pm and windy.. I was feeling excited and thought it was going to rain and waited at the balcony but nothing happened.. Mithil & I then decided to go for a walk and the weather was perfect. It was certainly a lot cooler so I hope this is the sign that winter is slowly but surely approaching..

That’s it for now, I’m gonna watch Masterchef Australia on telly.. see u 2moro!


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